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Spoke too soon? September 11, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.
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Well, Avienda WAS fine.

And then her allergies kicked in.

I don’t know, but have I mentioned my allergies? The seasonal ones that are more or less as if a ragweed was shoved into my nasal passagesm causing blockage to the point of blinding pain and tears and several days of “oh my GOD, I’m going to DIE!” from lack of breathing?

Yeah. She inherited that.

Except worse, because for her, we also have to add irritated, red, watery eyes into the mix as well. And if you have ever seen a baby in that state, you can’t help but fall to pieces. Especially if you’re her Mama.

Especially if, as it did today, it turns into an ear infection.

Oh, ear infections – the bane of parenting! The fussy and crankiness from a child who can’t articulate what is wrong. The infusions of amoxicillan that they don’t want to take. The irritability that even a good ol’ fashioned snuggle can’t fix.

On top of all that, she still has allergies, and can’t breathe.


It’s not so terrible one my end, really. My allergies are in check, because I know when to take something to nip the worst of the symptoms in the bud. But for her? I just feel so… horrible. There’s so little I can do, except take what measures I can and wait.

And I hate waiting.

Well, unless it’s waiting to do the dishes. That can wait forever, for all I care.

I just want my baby girl to feel better. NOW.



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