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The Teutonic Titwillow. September 22, 2009

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Giving in to my more theatrical side…….

*(&^$%^$%^&#$%&^$%& EAR INFECTIONS!!

In case you were wondering how our past week had been.

Not. Pretty.

But! We are finally returning to some sense of normalcy. Last week was thrown all for a loop, not just because of sick baby. But also blew a tire on our car, and as we were dead center between paychecks, got the fun of driving around on a donut all week.

So we invited the Asian over to watch Avi for Thrusday and Friday. She hasn’t been by to hang out since, so I think she may be baby’d out for a bit. Poor Asian.

It’s just been one of those crazy times when there’s just so much going on, but it’s all the same things, so it’s just horrendous monotony, with nothing notable, except that Mikey still hasn’t cleaned the kitchen.

At least when I gather up everything, roll it over around in my head for a bit, I can say that it’s stressful as hell – but still not really all that bad. I still come home at the end of the day with a baby who’s happy to see me, and husband who is too, more or less, depending on what else set him off for the day.

But the baby is a given.

And that makes it worth it.



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