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Holding On. October 3, 2009

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The little Monster has figured out how to stand up.

Almost immediately following this discovery, was the one where she will “walk” along the furniture, while holding on with both, and sometimes only one hand(s).

Feel the Fear of the Mobile Child

Feel the Fear of the Mobile Child

Mama? She is quaking in her boots.

Not least of all because this is one step close to my little angel being able to walk and run away from me, as all children do.  And I’m…. I’m just not ready to lose my baby to impending toddler-dom. To me, she’s still a snuggley little love-bundle. The her, she’s a “BIG GIRL!”, and she wants to run off and do “BIG GIRL!” things.

She’s only 8 months old! I thought I had more time before she’d move to that frame of mind…

The worst part is the internal comflict: on one hand, I want my baby to stay a baby for at least a little while longer. But on the other hand, I’m just so proud of my “BIG GIRL!” She really is learning so fast, and it’s an incredible thing to see!

Sooooooo big!

Sooooooo big!

*Sniffle* My baby girl is getting SO BIG!

I love you, little Chunk-A-Munk. Don’t run away too fast…



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