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Neither Here Nor There. October 5, 2009

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++Despite what one may be lead to believe, it is not just the baby that is cranky during the teething process. Because when said baby wakes up at midnight for over an hour’s worth of good ole’ fashioned screaming that no one under the sun can console, the whole household ends up pretty effin’ cranky.

But, in the end, we had 2 – count them: TWO! – new teeth by the end of the weekend. Both of her top chompers popped through, so now we have a new rule: fingers + baby’s mouth = DO NOT WANT!


++The Van-O-War is aggravating me. Because whenever anything goes wrong, EVERYTHING goes wrong. I just got a new tire for the donut we’d been driving on for THREE WEEKS (due to poor money management issues along with MASS amounts of bills), but alas, there is still a ton that need to be worked on.

It’s still running, so we’re good on that front for now – but at current time it is needing to have:  transmission fluid and line check, brake check-up as they are making funky noises, oil change, and my exhaust system looked at, because the outer casing for it on the underside of the van kinda… fell off.


++Avi is getting more and more used to pulling herself up onto things, and using them to move around. My favorite part would have to be when she gets alllll excited over it, and starts to do her “happy dance”, forgets to hang on, and falls on her tush. Then she laughs, because she’s my adorable little weirdo.


++I’ve been nerding out HORRIBLY on some online webcomics lately! Currently I have plowed through and completed (up-to-date) on both CtrlAltDel and Questionable Content. Both very good reads – be sure to start from the beginning!


++Finally have the funds available to save my space for the BlogHer ’10 Conference! Can I say how ridiculously geeked, and terrified at the same time I am for this? Because where on one hand, I want to go out, and have fun, and meet some of the incredible people who’s lives I “stalk” daily….. on the other hand, it means I have to meet new people. In a new place. AND I’M AN IDIOT IN PUBLIC!

Please, if you happen to go to BlogHer ’10, and see me there… try not to sneak up suddenly. I’ll likely be cowering in a corner as is, and loud noises startle me.



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