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I Stand Corrected. October 8, 2009

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Where yesterday I was still under the impression that we had gone from 1 baby tooth to 3 baby teeth in a few days…. we actually went from 1 to 4.

I think her teeth are making up for lost time, and their slacking off in arriving so late.

TEETH: “Oh, I sorry! Are we Tardy to the Party? It’s okay, we brought friends! LET’S BOOGIE!”


Only there is no boogie-ing. There is only screaming. And then sniffling. And then moaning pitifully, because WOE IS HER, no baby has ever been SO TORTURED as to have Baby Orajel applied to their aching gums.

Avienda = Drama Queen.

Although, this teething stuff is nothing compared to what happens when it comes time to wipe the snot from her nose and face. As in, throwing herself backwards in a fit, and attempting to brain herself on nearby surfaces in order to escape the horrifying pain of the MOIST BABY WIPE.

She’s already acting like a toddler – I fear for the future.


DO NOT be fooled by her peaceful appearance - this one is DANGEROUS!

DO NOT be fooled by her peaceful appearance - this one is DANGEROUS!




It’s okay. She’s still cute – thus, I still like her

(I kid! I kid!)

In other news, I think she said a new word yesterday. Now, I realize this could be entirely chalked up to the new Mama tendency to think mah baybeh is teh smrtest baybeh in da wurld! but I swear I heard her say “Daddy” yesterday. Not “dada”. We’re familiar with the one. But a legitimate “Da-ddy”. Sadly, no one was around to confirm this, so it could just be that I am crazy. Except that I heard it!

So. In conclusion. Baby’s acting skills make Angelina jealous, Mama is crazy, and Avi is teh smrtest baybeh eevre!!

I think that about sums it up.

And now, off to play with the Izzy Monster, followed by a Smith Family Huskers football party. Tonight is going to be made up of WIN! and AWESOME!………….. Just like me.



1. the Provident Woman - October 9, 2009

That’s a lot of teeth really quick. Good thing kids learn to use them carefully pretty quick.

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