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Pretty Baybee. October 26, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

Alert! We have a new word in the arsenal!

After month’s now of referring to “the Baby”, she’s finally caught on to it.

Now all I hear is “Bay-bee? Bay-BEE! BAY-bee! Bay-BEE?”

Plus, the wave is now in effect. As in Hi! Bye! Wave my little hand at you when I want you to go away! That wave.


Go away, Mama-lady! I have havoc to wreak here...

It’s just terrible that she’s so freakin’ cute about it all the time.




Money. I hate it.

That’s really all I had to say about that. It’s terrible.




I have a birthday coming up this week that I am so not excited about.

Really, 26 is not a big year. No real milestones, but not a thing to dread either (Hi there, big 3-0! I can see you around the corner now!).

Birthday wishes include:

+ a haircut – I am so bored with my hair right now, as all I ever do with it is pull it in a ponytail. It looks great if I style it, but hello! Who has time? Not I, my friend…
+ some new clothes – all my winter wear was destroyed by my evil friend, pregnancy.
+ kitchenware – I have been cooking like a fiend lately, but there are a few things that would help a tremendous amount… like a Kitchenaid mixer. Hell, just a hand-held mixer would be great. Although my arms look great, that is not the point. A toaster would also be very welcome.

That’s… probably about it. I mean, sure an iPod touch would rock, but so would a new Nintendo DSi, but who really needs those? I’m pretty sure the milage I’d rack up on a mixer would more than triple that on a DS. Trust.



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