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NaBloPoMo. November 1, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

Ahhh, November. And NaBloPoMo, or as I like to call it: an excuse to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING every day this month.

And I shall!! Dang it.






So! Halloween weekend.

Mikey and I, as parents, are such slackers.

We spent pretty much all of our Sunday running around and doing errands, and DID NOT TAKE AVI TRICK OR TREATING!! I know, I know!! I feel terrible….. We did put her in her costume (pictures of which will be forthcoming soon), but we didn’t take her out. It wasn’t horribly cold, so we can’t use that excuse. And it’s not for lack of enjoying the bliss that is FREE CANDY! [[side note: it would have been so worth it too, as there is very little by the way of candy that a 9 month old child can having. Meaning it would have been ours for the taking!! Like, like… taking candy from a baby!!]] We just plain did not take her.


Try and find someone who would EVER deny this face some candy. Go on, I dare you.

But that’s okay!! Next year she’ll actually be able to walk, so I won’t have to worry about hauling her big butt around for the million and a half blocks everyone always wants to take. Probably only about half of them by that point.

Instead, after we got done shopping around town around 6:30, we had a nice relazing evening at home, and then I went out with a couple of my girls as a late birthday celebration.

Oh! Yeah. I had a birthday this past week. It was grand, now I’m 26, it’s over, LET US NOT TALK ABOUT IT. It’s making me feel old.

So that was my main gift from Mikey. He watched Avi on a Saturday night, so I could go out. It was very welcome, and VERY appreciated. Even though we only went to 2 bars, for a total of maaaaybe 2 hours? And then came back to my place for Sex on the Beach shots. OLD, I tell you!

The end is near – I can feel it in my achy, ancient bones!



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