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Failure Face. November 3, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

Day 3 of NaBloPoMo, and I already failed.

Which sucks, as I even had a post written out (to a degree, as in, as much as I ever plan these) in my head. Instead I got distracted by an ACTUAL girl’s night! As in, with me OUT OF THE APARTMENT!! I had Avi with me, but she’s a girl, and she’s awesome, so it’s okay.

Sadly, I forgot whatever it was that I was going to write yesterday.

Instead, I’ll post about how hilarious and akward it is to listen to a discuss about sex with my in-laws. It’s very akward. To hear someone discuss their marital sex as “plain” and then to go into detail is….. umm… weird? I’m gonna go with “weird”. Funny though. Watching her act out positions is amusing – especially when said gesture is followed by “Like that? Yeah, we don’t do that.”

Aside from this, life is normal. I have plans for awesome recipes, but haven’t been home to make them, so there’s another fail. Albeit a temporary one. Plans include stuffed bell peppers one night, and pork chops stuffed with Provolone, thin bacon, and pineapple chutney. IN MY NEW BLENDER!!! (Thanks, Daddy!) I’ve never been so excited for a birthday since I was like 16 and got my first car. Mikey made fun of me because I saw the box, and started jumping up and down like a kid.




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