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Home Alone. November 4, 2009

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

What does the Julie Momster do on a night home alone?

I avoid the dishes.

Oh, I’ll make my grand plans to do them all! And by hand! ONLY ONE HAND! I’m just that intent on it.

And then……

I make a pass-by. Just a quick sweep in the kitchen to do this. Or that. Or wash the necessary dishes.

But the pile, ohhhh that pile.

It glares at me. It says “I know you’re the only one who’s gonna do this. Wash me! Waaaaaash meeeeeee!

“Later” I say. I have to take a pee/make a bottle/change a diaper/watch an episode of House on Hulu.

And then…….

It’s morning. Alas, the dishes were thwarted from their mission of cleanliness. But I get one more opportunity to try and make Mikey do it.

“Well played, matron. Well played.”

Thanks you, dishes.



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