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New Leaf? Surely, it will turn. January 4, 2010

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

And Happy New Year, everyone!!

I’m sure you’re surprised, but nope – I’m not actually dead. Just had been hibernating for a while there.

But how are you?! How were your New Year’s celebrations? I’m hoping they are better than ours.

Which wasn’t terrible – really boring though on my end. I spent the night home alone with my Avi Monster, while Mikey played a show with his band. You know what sucks is, there is virtually no one who is willing to babysit on NYE – shocking, I know. Sooooo I enjoyed girlie movies, Mike’s Harder Lemonade, and baby snuggles. Could have been worse, really. I could have been Mikey, who came home missing half his beard and both of his eyebrows. Which is why you do not sleep out in the open around his friends, if said friends are still drinking. I thought he would have learned this when his old guitar player, Bill, passed out on a couch – and was subsequently covered in leaves and garbage. Or any number of other antics and disgusting boy things that they do to one another.

In other news!!: I have done absolutely nothing of interest to report on at this time. I’ve been doing a TON of cooking and baking; we went to visit my family in Michigan over Christmas; Omaha got covered in aggravating snow…….. And I’m not really going to discuss any of this right now for two reasons: 1). I have to head to work in a few minutes here and 2). I refuse to do so until I upload my camera files and compile pictures.

Until then – BABY!! (who, by the way, turns a whole YEAR OLD in like…. 2 weeks! My sweet baby *sniffle*…. gorwing all up…. *sniff sniff*)


Game Time.

Yeah, she takes steps now, too.

OH! And I got….. really bored with my hair. And I chopped it all off. Here! Proof!

Thank you, M-Wallace, for the wonderfulllll editing on this shot 🙂



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