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Oh the weather outside is frightful… January 5, 2010

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

That’s it. Just frightful.

Omaha is currently at the point where, if there were to be any more snow, we would have nowhere to put it. There is so much out there already, that several buildings have had their roofs cave in, literally. And tonight and tomorrow? More snow.

You know, there was once a time when I moved to Florida to avoid such atrocities. What happened?! Oh wait. I met my husband and moved up to Nebraska….. MICHAEL! THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT!! You are simply lucky, that I love you enough to put up with this nonsense.

He may look tough, but even he is not willing to hand shovel through 6 feet of piled snow...

As of right now, we are lucky to fit one car going down our street. There are cars that have been frozen underneath snowpiles for several weeks now, with no signs of moving. As of this moment, there is a truck stuck in front of my driveway, effectively blocking anyone who lives in my building from either coming or going. Not that it would matter too terribly much, as the snow piles made from the plows are so huge, that we are minus 2 of our 8 parking spaces anyway.

The only good news in all this is that with a SOON-TO-BE 1 year old, if the weather is too bad, I can cop out and stay home with the next torrent of snow to pound through here.  Because nobody wants to subject a baby to the -20 degree temperatures we’ve been “blessed” with lately. Yay!! I still get snow days!!



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