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As Promised. February 24, 2010

Posted by Julie Momster in Uncategorized.

So – fully into update mode now.

Avienda has finally turned a year old. And with her birthday, came the walking. Ohhhhh, the walking! If you don’t have children, please believe me when I say FEAR THE WALKING BABY. There is nothing so frightening as a baby with full mobility. Because I will warn you now, there is only a very short time frame in between wobbly adorable first steps, and full on running. Which she is now doing.

Walking in her birthday outfit

So adorable. And so hell bent on destruction.

Now that the little Monster has obtained forward mobility (in a sense “forward” – really, she just likes to zip back and forth across the apartment, much like a small ping pong ball on very short legs), there is absolutely NOTHING that is she feels is out of her reach. This includes, but is not limited to: Mama’s ice cream, the remote control, couch pillows, her over-flowing laundry basket of baby clothes, chairs, tabletops, the refrigerator, and our collection of DVDs which she promptly will destroy if my eyes are averted for so much as a millisecond – see below:

She didn't like how Daddy ordered the DVDs...

This mess was created by her systematically pulling out each DVD, looking at it for a moment, and then proceeding to throw it over her shoulder.

It was so cute – despite the time it took her father to place them all back in whatever wonky order he had them in in the first place – I believe it was “genre”, by year. Who knows….

But no matter the HORRIBLE REPERCUSSIONS of allowing her to walk over, say, being crib bound until the age of 14……… I’d say it’s a good thing. LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS! I mean really, it’s like she’s a real little PERSON now, for goodness sake.

So THAT'S where my TV remote went...



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