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Birthday Baby Cakes February 28, 2010

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My baby is finally a whole year old (and then some). The time is just flying by, and she is learning so much, so fast. Her personality shows in every thing she does, and there is no way that I can deny the fact that she is an exact combination of “Win” and “Awesome”.

Christmas at Grandpa Colbeck's

Party Dress!

Meeting Great Grandma Colbeck for the first time

With her cousin Lucas. Would you believe he's over 5 months YOUNGER than her? She's a little peanut...

Poor little midget, though. We had a birthday party for her at Mikey’s parents’ place, and 3 hours before we went to go set up, she got an incredible fever. We’re talking from 99 degrees, shot up to 103 in an hour. Apparently, the gaining of molars does not agree with her system.

Party still went on, if only because my mother-in-law is a L&D nurse, and if I wanted anyone to watch over her when she’s like that – it would be her.

Birthday Princess

That dress was a gift from the MIL – she was burning up so much, that we’re lucky we got any pictures of her in it before it was stripped off. Which means: NAKEY BABY!!

Showing her some of her presents - as expected, she still liked the wrapping papers best

It was a great time – Avi made out like a bandit, and at this rate I may never have to buy her clothes again.

All for ME?!

Little Monster even had her own cake, which she promptly shoved her face into – with a little assistance from daddy, of course.

Really, ALL for me?!

Well on her way to a sugar high.

Note: never put clothes on a baby who is eating cake. Trust me – it is so much better to just throw a baby into the tub, then to get bright blus stains out of a white shirt.



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