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I am pretty much awesome. Or so I tell myself.

I’m crazy. I have a husband who could pass for a toddler if he had less facial hair. I have a new baby that takes advantage of the fact that I am a snuggle-bunny. I love every minute of it.

This is me:

Hi. Welcome!

Hi. Welcome!

Here are some facts about me:

1. I only care about one sports team. Only one sport. Only one team. And that team? Thank you, yes, they DO happen to have the higest number of Stanley Cup wins in NHL history, thankyouverymuch. Go Red Wings! D-Town repreSENT! *ahem* Sorry.

2. I’m trying to have a collection of Buddhas. I’ve never been able to collect anything in my life (aside from assorted garbage and collections of papers I don’t need even though they might just come in handy someday!), and I manage to accumulate more than one of them, so I’m working on it. I have 4!

3. I love tattoos! I have 10, including one I am about to cover up in favor of a much better one. This is a much better example of a collection, except that 30 years down the road I won’t be able to take my tattoos for appraisal on Antiques Road Show. Or can I???

4. I have an addiction to energy drinks. Yes, I admit it. I cannot survive being stuck at a desk all day without some high measure of caffeine. Oh, Holy Lord, there is no way I can do that… I shudder at the mere thought. Shudder.

5. I used to be an actress. As in theatre and stage. As in 5 years old up to high school. Kiss Me, Kate, Funny Girl, the Wizard of Oz, South Pacific… Oh, how I miss a good, old fashioned musical. Someday I will convince my husband that this is not a complete waste of time, or at least to watch the baby while I go.

6. I was a band geek in Middle and High School. MAJOR Band Geek. I tried out for Drum Major but was denied due to there being only 2 other people playing my instrument (it was euphonium, kthnx. I did not play the flute). I even went to college -briefly-  for Music Education. I still go visit my old band director whenever I’m home. Feel free to stuff me in a locker somewhere.

7. I lived in over 20 different locations in between graduating high school at 18 and moving to Omaha to get married at 22. So whenever people ask me why I got married so young, it’s honestly because I lived a good 15 years in those relative 4. Not necessarily proud of what I “accomplished”, but it nevertheless it got a lot of unnecessary rebellious, young adult retarded-ness.

8. I’m not proud to admit it, but some days I wish I was as popular as my husband. Oh yes, Shallowness, Thy Name is Julia. But I mean, come on, I literally will get 2 phone calls a day MAYBE to his 50. and he wonders why I’m always home alone… Psh. Damn you, cool kids!!

9. I love to read. I read obsessively. (I realize that this probably has a nifty cause and effect thing going on with the conclusion above, but I’m too tired to figure out the schematics of it.) I will read anything at least once. That is how the bastards hooked me on the Twilight series. I swear to you, they are a bibliophiles version of crack.

10. See those glasses up there? Right up there, in my picture? Been stuck wearing bad boys like those ever since the ripe age of 4. Now, I am a firm believer that I was cute once. I believe that all ended when they placed a hideously huge plastic pair of 80’s frames on my tiny little head, and sucked the cute right out of me. Sure, I can see. But where’s the fun in that?



1. kirida - June 3, 2009

This is great info! I am with you on so many points. Like my husband is way more popular than I am. Also, South Pacific is my favorite musical, my favorite song being, “There Ain’t Nothing Like a Dame!”

troubleinstereo - June 3, 2009

Oh yes! My family was big theatre nerds – my dad still performs at our community theatre in my hometown. I remember when I was kid watching my dad up on stage – in a blonde wig, hula skirt, and coconut bra during “Honey Bun”. LOVE IT! Some of the best times of my life.

2. Matt DuCharme - October 28, 2009

Ha! Band geek indeed. Thus, this is how we met…in what literally seems like a lifetime ago…. happy to stumble onto your blog ms Julia….

3. Gina Chen - February 2, 2010

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4. designchicks - August 18, 2010

Love the way you write!

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