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This page is dedicated to my inspiration:

A bottle of Jack Daniels.

No, wait, wrong inspiration.




This page is dedicated to the 2 true loves of my life:

Avi Monster


Mama's Little Rockstar

Mama's Little Rockstar

 Darling daughter – I love your little ways. Your adorable baby toes, your squishy little baby thighs, your big blue eyes, and a smile to light up Cincinnati. You are pretty much completely awesome. Wait, amend that – You are totally and completely awesome. I adore you.

Mikey Monster

Hey there, sexy thing!

Hey there, sexy thing!




 Hey you. Yes, you, with the Chia Pet beard you’ve kept because I told you I liked it/slash/made you keep it. You, the man who will always give me a back massage, just because I asked it of you. Who will argue with me over who is cooking dinner – because we either both want to or neither of us want to, but always on the same nights. You’re the man I moved across the country to a completely unknown place for. You are the only mane I would have let father my children, and not the least reason being that you’re a damn sexy beast of a man (I love you, steel-worker forearms! Hi!) I would marry you all over again, in a heartbeat, just to keep you. Please know that no matter what happens, you’re always, always my favorite.






I love them both, and without them I am nothing; They are my life, and I am better for it.



I love you more.



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