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As Promised. February 24, 2010

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So – fully into update mode now.

Avienda has finally turned a year old. And with her birthday, came the walking. Ohhhhh, the walking! If you don’t have children, please believe me when I say FEAR THE WALKING BABY. There is nothing so frightening as a baby with full mobility. Because I will warn you now, there is only a very short time frame in between wobbly adorable first steps, and full on running. Which she is now doing.

Walking in her birthday outfit

So adorable. And so hell bent on destruction.

Now that the little Monster has obtained forward mobility (in a sense “forward” – really, she just likes to zip back and forth across the apartment, much like a small ping pong ball on very short legs), there is absolutely NOTHING that is she feels is out of her reach. This includes, but is not limited to: Mama’s ice cream, the remote control, couch pillows, her over-flowing laundry basket of baby clothes, chairs, tabletops, the refrigerator, and our collection of DVDs which she promptly will destroy if my eyes are averted for so much as a millisecond – see below:

She didn't like how Daddy ordered the DVDs...

This mess was created by her systematically pulling out each DVD, looking at it for a moment, and then proceeding to throw it over her shoulder.

It was so cute – despite the time it took her father to place them all back in whatever wonky order he had them in in the first place – I believe it was “genre”, by year. Who knows….

But no matter the HORRIBLE REPERCUSSIONS of allowing her to walk over, say, being crib bound until the age of 14……… I’d say it’s a good thing. LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS! I mean really, it’s like she’s a real little PERSON now, for goodness sake.

So THAT'S where my TV remote went...


Holy McMoly, Batman! February 23, 2010

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Wow. Hi! So I am finally back!

The motherboard on my laptop got fried, and unfortunately, there is nowhere else where I had access to either the wordpress system OR to my files.

But it’s okay! I’m back!!

Did I mention how much I missed you all?

Did you miss me?

Did you miss pictures of the baby? Because I have plenty of those, along with many many a-update.

I will start with Christmas!

Mikey, Avienda, and I managed to go to Michigan for Christmas to see my family. We even got a near week worth of vacation for it! Woo-hoo! We were even able to completely bypass the horrible mess of a winter storm that tore through Nebraska and Iowa while we were gone.

Avi’s first Christmas went incredibly well – she loved the time away from her normal routine (to a degree),and fell in love with my dad all over again. Mainly, because he enjoyed pulling her high chair up right next to him, and feeding her anything and everything that went on the table. Side note – pecan pancakes were the favorite, followed closely by twice baked potatoes. Smart girl….

Open faster, please, Grandpa!

I can blend?

Or I can just eat the toys....

We were also lucky enough to see some of my awesome friends from “back in the day”. Kelli and her family came by, and I finally met her husband Matt – he’s been serving in Iraq for most of their marriage, and this was the first time we were all in the same place. Their daughter Ella had a blast playing with Avi, as well. Plus, my friend Lily was able to come down as well – Avi managed to charm her as well, though I can’t say I’m horribly surprised.

Hmmmm... Lily? or Phone?.... I think phone

Mama gets an even worse reception – which is what I get for being sooooooo mean as to change her clothes every day. How dare I….

I expect to see this face even more in approximately 12 years.

For now, that will have to hold you over. Come back tomorrow! I’ll have more pictures, more stories, and then some

Oh the weather outside is frightful… January 5, 2010

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That’s it. Just frightful.

Omaha is currently at the point where, if there were to be any more snow, we would have nowhere to put it. There is so much out there already, that several buildings have had their roofs cave in, literally. And tonight and tomorrow? More snow.

You know, there was once a time when I moved to Florida to avoid such atrocities. What happened?! Oh wait. I met my husband and moved up to Nebraska….. MICHAEL! THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT!! You are simply lucky, that I love you enough to put up with this nonsense.

He may look tough, but even he is not willing to hand shovel through 6 feet of piled snow...

As of right now, we are lucky to fit one car going down our street. There are cars that have been frozen underneath snowpiles for several weeks now, with no signs of moving. As of this moment, there is a truck stuck in front of my driveway, effectively blocking anyone who lives in my building from either coming or going. Not that it would matter too terribly much, as the snow piles made from the plows are so huge, that we are minus 2 of our 8 parking spaces anyway.

The only good news in all this is that with a SOON-TO-BE 1 year old, if the weather is too bad, I can cop out and stay home with the next torrent of snow to pound through here.  Because nobody wants to subject a baby to the -20 degree temperatures we’ve been “blessed” with lately. Yay!! I still get snow days!!

New Leaf? Surely, it will turn. January 4, 2010

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And Happy New Year, everyone!!

I’m sure you’re surprised, but nope – I’m not actually dead. Just had been hibernating for a while there.

But how are you?! How were your New Year’s celebrations? I’m hoping they are better than ours.

Which wasn’t terrible – really boring though on my end. I spent the night home alone with my Avi Monster, while Mikey played a show with his band. You know what sucks is, there is virtually no one who is willing to babysit on NYE – shocking, I know. Sooooo I enjoyed girlie movies, Mike’s Harder Lemonade, and baby snuggles. Could have been worse, really. I could have been Mikey, who came home missing half his beard and both of his eyebrows. Which is why you do not sleep out in the open around his friends, if said friends are still drinking. I thought he would have learned this when his old guitar player, Bill, passed out on a couch – and was subsequently covered in leaves and garbage. Or any number of other antics and disgusting boy things that they do to one another.

In other news!!: I have done absolutely nothing of interest to report on at this time. I’ve been doing a TON of cooking and baking; we went to visit my family in Michigan over Christmas; Omaha got covered in aggravating snow…….. And I’m not really going to discuss any of this right now for two reasons: 1). I have to head to work in a few minutes here and 2). I refuse to do so until I upload my camera files and compile pictures.

Until then – BABY!! (who, by the way, turns a whole YEAR OLD in like…. 2 weeks! My sweet baby *sniffle*…. gorwing all up…. *sniff sniff*)


Game Time.

Yeah, she takes steps now, too.

OH! And I got….. really bored with my hair. And I chopped it all off. Here! Proof!

Thank you, M-Wallace, for the wonderfulllll editing on this shot 🙂

Really, dude? November 13, 2009

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Freakin’ internet has been acting up lately. I only recently got it up and running.

However, I have no idea how long it will last, so I shall keep this short.


Work is good.

Baby is great. She can say “no” now… which is great for her, but EEEEEK! for me.

Mikey’s band is doing great – they’re mid-show in Des Moines, IA right now.

I hacked off all my hair. Like, a foot of it.

But I can’t find my camera cable, so I’m screwed for photos.


Wow. It’s really been kinda lame around here.

Luckily, my Asian Friend and a bottle of Captain should make it slightly more interesting this evening. Here’s hoping Avi drops off to sleep soon!